Answers to Common Questions about Cabinet Doors

Is a one piece MDF door better than a two piece MDF door?
One piece routed MDF doors are generally considered to be stronger and more durable than two piece MDF doors. This is because they are made from a single piece of MDF material, rather than two separate pieces that are joined together. This makes the door less likely to warp or become damaged over time. Additionally, one piece routed MDF doors can be designed with more intricate and detailed designs than two piece MDF doors, which can add to their aesthetic appeal.

Do you make louvered doors?
No - we do not manufacture louvered doors.

Do you do kitchen refacing?
We can supply replacement doors for a kitchen refacing but we are not a refacing service company. We can certainly help with budgeting and provide guidance for product selection. If you are experienced, or very handy, it is possible to manage a refacing as a do-it-yourself project. We can supply most of the products (doors, drawers, hardware) that you will need. A refacing company works in your home to provide consultation and advice. They will accurately measure existing doors, prepare purchase orders, arrange for door removal and disposal, and provide installation of your new doors. Refacing often means "upgrade" or minor changes (improvements) to use better hardware (soft close), to change designs and finishes, or add fillers and end panels. You can purchase your doors from us and subcontract installation. Search Google for a local "kitchen installation" company to provide measurement and installation. A refacing company usually has their own sources for doors and may, or may not, allow direct purchase of our doors. Installation services should allow you to select and purchase items of your own choosing.

Do you accept metric measurements for quoting?
Yes we can accept sizes in Imperial (example: 2 1/4"), Decimal (example: 2.25"), or Millimeters (57mm). Whatever measuring system you use to request your quote will be used to confirm your quote. Our web site includes a quick measurement conversion page for your reference.

Do you make doors that will fit IKEA Sektion Cabinets?
Yes we have years of experience with retrofit of our custom made doors to IKEA's Akurum cabinet. In 2015 we introduced retrofit solutions for IKEA's Sektion cabinets. Retrofit doors come properly sized and predrilled to install easily. See our IKEA Retrofit page for more information.

I'm doing a kitchen and I want cabinet doors that are made out of solid maple laminated together. Is that something you could do?
We can make solid maple (or other woods) slab style doors. Because of their construction these doors can experience moderate dimensional change with swings in heat or humidity. The "five piece" door has a floating center panel in a frame system that overcomes these issues. We cannot warrantee solid slab doors against tweak or warpage. We do offer veneer slab doors with solid wood edge banding (2mm or 3mm). If the veneer slab door is made from flat cut veneer the appearance is very similar to a solid slab door but it is more dimensionally stable.

How thick are your doors?
Can you do one inch thick doors?
The standard thickness of our solid wood doors is 13/16" (20.6mm). We find this to be the perfect balance of strength, weight and flexibility of design. Some wood door styles can be reduced to 3/4" thick. Most styles need to be 13/16" to accomodate full details. MDF routed doors are 3/4" thick (19.0mm). Many MDF door styles are available as one inch thick, please inquire. Veneer slab style doors are 3/4" thick (19.0mm).

Do you finish the doors you make?
Yes, we offer clear coat lacquer natural finish, stain or painted finish.

Do you sell hinges?
Yes. We stock and sell a limited selection of Blum soft close hinges and hinge plates. Hinging can be complicated due to differences in cabinet design and construction. European style hinges are very popular due to their high degree of adjustablility. We do recommend the Blum brand of hinging solutions as many of our customers who use their products have been very satisfied. Blum hinges and other brands are available at Home Depot, Rona and many other building supply retailers. To link to the Blum website click here.

Can you come to my house and quote my kitchen?
No. We are a component manufacturing company servicing the kitchen industry and do-it-yourselfers.

Can you custom drill my doors?
Yes. We offer drilling in a standardized setup. See our Drilling page for more detail. Hinge plates are easily moved when mounting doors. It has been our experience that trying to measure and line up with an existing hinge plate is difficult and typically results in more work than simply moving a plate while installing.

Can I get a door with Maple stiles and rails and a Walnut center panel?
Yes we can mix and match wood species.

I want to order dovetail drawers and I will be using the Blumotion Tandem series undermount slide. How do I calculate what width of drawer to order?
The Blum Tandem series slide needs 3/16" (5mm) clearance between the outside of the drawer and the inside of the cabinet wall on each side when the drawers have 5/8" thick walls ... which ours do. Measure the inside opening of the cabinet and subtract 3/8" (10mm) to determine the correct drawer width. See our dovetail drawer page for more information.

Do you make and/or sell raw MDF cabinet doors?
Yes. We offer routed MDF doors. See our MDF door page. We also offer many of our door styles in five piece HDF (HDF is high density fiberboard, MDF is medium density fiberboard). We make HDF doors by machining each of the five components of the door and then assembling them the same way we would make a wood door. If you are painting the doors we would recommend our "Paint / MDF" combination which is hard maple frame components with a MDF center panel. It is the best of both worlds. The hard maple frame provides strength, rigidity, excellent screw holding, is less prone to corner damage and can be repaired. The MDF center panel is dimensionally stable, paints well and saves money.

I am looking to match existing cabinet doors. Do you have a minimum order?
We do not have a minimum order size. Please email picture(s) of your existing doors to so we can provide guidance.

Do you have painted samples that can be brought into the home to compare colours?
We have samples of the paint colours shown on our website in our showroom. We do not offer home visits. You can arrange to borrow samples from our showroom or request that we ship you samples for comparison. We can match nearly all Benjamin Moore colours. You can get colour swatches from your local Benjamin Moore dealer. With an order, we can provide a control sample of your chosen colour from our factory. This ensures that the colour you receive on you full kitchen order will be exactly as expected.

What type of lacquer do you use for painted doors?
For painted doors we use industrial grade post-catalyzed high solids lacquer manufactured by CanLak (product code 3357-120). The doors are prepped with a Quick Wood Pro 1100 brush sander to ease the sharp edges. That is followed with hand orbital and pad sanding as needed. We use two coats of primer on the door face and one coat of primer on the backside. Primers are tinted for dark colours.

Are you able to build me a dovetail box using Spanish cedar? I need it for a humidor for cigars.
We do not make dovetail drawers using Spanish Cedar. We are able to make dovetail drawers out of Red Cedar.

If you have questions about our IKEA retrofit solutions see our IKEA Retrofit FAQ page.