IKEA Retrofit - Frequently Asked Questions

Can you manufacturer matching panels (e.g. to surround a build-ups fridge and reverse side of an island) and panels for a panel-ready fridge?
We make gable, island and refrigerator panels up 96 inches high and 48 inches wide using our standard equipment and process. In fact, we do it all the time. In some cases we can go even larger but the process gets much more complicated and expensive. We recommend that larger panels be divided with rails to enhance appearance and improve stability.

How much more do Allstyle's retrofit doors cost than IKEA?
It depends on the door styles you are comparing. Our least expensive door compared to IKEA's most expensive door cost about the same. Our most expensive door compared to IKEA's most expensive door will be about double the cost.

Can you provide retro-fit doors for PAX wardrobes?
We can provide retro-fit doors for PAX wardrobes. We recommend our slab style products due to the large size.
High Gloss Doors
Super Matte Doors
Natural Veneer Slab Doors
Textured Laminate Doors

What type of paint do you use?
We use professional quality post-catalyzed lacquer over top of two coats of professional primer. It is the highest quality paint available.

How long does an order take?
Ikea retrofit projects typically take four to six weeks depending on the door style chosen. Our high gloss doors, super matte doors and textured laminate doors take about four weeks. All other doors typically take six weeks. We update current lead times on our home page. Lead time is calculated from the time we have final approval and can begin manufacturing.

Do you offer custom sizes for your IKEA retrofit doors? We'll be buying IKEA SEKTION cabinets, but we're planning on customizing the width of 4 of the boxes; can you guys handle that?
Yes we can.

Do you build cabinets?
No we do not build cabinets.

Are the doors drilled for hinges?
Yes the drawers and drawer fronts are pre-drilled to align perfectly into the IKEA cabinets. We do not pre-drill for handles nor does IKEA.

What do I need to get a quote?
We will need your IKEA planner files in order to quote.

How thick are your doors /panels?
Five piece doors are 13/16" thick. MDF doors are 3/4" thick. Panels are 3/4" thick.

What kinds of wood do you have?
Our most popular woods are Hard Maple, Red Oak, Cherry and Walnut. We offer other species as well and the full list can be found on our wood species web page.

What is the price difference between painted solid and painted MDF doors?
It depends on the order details. Typically MDF doors will fall in the range of 10%-20% less.

What type of wood do you use for painted doors?
We use hard maple for the stiles and rails and recommend an MDF center panel because the MDF is more dimensionally stable with changes in heat and humidity.

Do you have stain samples available?
Yes we do.

Can you send me a sample of ...?
Yes, if the sample is in stock. We do charge nominal for certain larger samples. If a sample is not in stock and has to be produced we charge a nominal charge.

What is recon veneer?
Recon veneer is "reconstitued" veener that has been sliced, dyed, glued and resliced. The result is consistant patterns and colour not found in nature but still derived from a renewable, sustainable natural resource (trees).

How much do your dovetail drawers cost?
Dovetail drawers are priced by size. The bigger the drawer the more it will cost. To budget your project estimate $75 per drawer plus hardware. The drawer slides also cost more the longer they are but budget $40 per pair of Blum soft close undermount slides.

Can you match IKEA doors?
No we cannot. If your IKEA door style is currently in production go to IKEA. If your style is discontinued then we recommend considering changing out a section of the kitchen with a complimentary style. Fortunately two-colour kitchens and kitchens with two styles or door are in trend and the trend is growing.

Can you match IKEA colours?
No we cannot. There are too many variables to ensure an exact match of IKEA's colours. If a close match is acceptable we can do that. Otherwise we suggest using a complimentary colour for additions.

Do you have installers that can come and take measurements?
We do not provide measuring nor installation services. We can however make recommendation of local companies that do provide those services in certain areas. It depends on where you are located.

Our Akurum Nexus dark brown corner base cabinet doors broke and we want to replace them. Do you have anything that would match?
We don't match or copy any of the IKEA doors styles (new or old). We provide our own product offerings of doors/drawer fronts to fit onto the IKEA cabinets. Some of our door styles may be similar in design, however we do not suggest mixing them with current IKEA product as it may result in an undesirable match. We recommend replacing all the fronts with a new style or colour so you have a consistent look throughout. Alternatively you could change out a few fronts in specific areas to create an accent or feature contrast using a different a colour or design.

Do you paint on-site or do you simply ship the selected style?
We do not offer on site painting. We can supply painted doors, ready to be installed onto IKEA’s cabinet boxes.

We are looking to match Ramsjo White doors (most like your Beverly style). Do you have a similar finish?
We cannot match the Ramsjo finish. There are too many variables to ensure an exact match of IKEA's colours. If a close match is acceptable we can do that. Otherwise we suggest using a complimentary colour for additions.

Can you provide toekicks to match Akurum cabinets from Ikea?
No - We do not match or copy any of the IKEA parts (new or old). We provide our own product offerings of doors and drawer fronts that retrofit onto IKEA's cabinet system. Although some of our door styles are similar in design, we do not suggest mixing them with installed IKEA product as it may result in an unacceptable match.

Are the walnut doors (recon or natural) available horizontal matched?
Yes both are available with horizontal grain and grain match option.

Do we have to have the IKEA kitchen planning file to get a quote or place an order?
The Ikea planner is the ideal tool for us to understand and quote. However, we can sometimes work from sketches, or other types of architectural drawings. If you have something that you think may work then please email it to us. We will take a look and let you know if it is clear enough to produce a quote.

Do you ship to Saskatchewan?
We ship across Canada (and the US) several times a week. Your doors will be wrapped in foam and further protected in a sturdy crate constructed from plywood with a skid base. Crates are shipped by contracted carriers and can be delivered to your residence. The driver can place the crate outside on your driveway using a lift gate. You simply remove the top from the crate and bring the foam wrapped doors inside. The crate material is yours to keep (re-purpose) or dispose. A typical shipping cost estimate is to allow about 10% over the cost of the doors on a full kitchen project.

I want my upper doors to be glossy white and the lowers to be a grey/dark blue color. Can you do that?
Yes we can paint two different colours on a project. Regarding the gloss: The higher the gloss the more difficult and costly it is to manufacture. Higher gloss requires more care and maintenance as it amplifies dirt, fingerprints, smudges or surface defects such as dings, scratches. Our normal recommended sheen is 20%. We offer an enhanced 35% sheen on both light or dark colour paints at a nominal up-charge. We offer a 50% sheen only on light colour paint at a nominal up-charge. We do not paint beyond 50% sheen. If your requirement is beyond 50% sheen we recommend switching to a slab door style. The slab door can be made from a durable laminate (PET) that provides a very uniform gloss finish which is easier to maintain than high gloss paint.

We are planning an Ikea kitchen and wondering if you offer design services?
We do not offer kitchen design services. We manufacture retro-fit door and drawers for IKEA's Sektion cabinets. Most of our customers use IKEA’s 3D Kitchen Planner either in store or online. If you would like a home visit we recommend using a local kitchen designer. Alternatively you can use an online IKEA design service such as Inspired Kitchen Design.

Do your doors only fit IKEA cabinets?
We are a custom door manufacturer and can size our doors to fit any cabinet system. If you are using IKEA’s cabinets then we know exactly how to size and drill for hinges or drawer mounting. Alternatively, if you would like to use our doors on cabinets made by another manufacturer, or custom made cabinets, you will need to provide us with the exact door sizes required. If hinge drilling is needed we will need the hinge specification including make and model number.