Textured Laminate Cabinet Doors

These woodgrain patterned laminate cabinet doors are made from Italian high performance "textured" melamine laminate. You really need to see these doors in person. The photos simply don't do a very good job of showing how good the texturing is done. The laminate is emmbossed aligned with the grain and is so good that many people think these are real wood. The doors have the same high quality surface on both the front and back side. The perimeter of the door is finished with a durable matching edge band.

This is a terrific product that provides a clean contempory look of European style kitchen design. It is both beautiful and tough ... a winning combination. We recommended this product as ideal for retrofit or refacing of IKEA™ kitchen cabinets. Doors and panels can be made with the grain running either vertical or horizontal.

kitchen with S012 Milton textured laminate doors

Kitchen featuring Milton S012 textured laminate.

A modern kitchen with LK55 Etobicoke textured laminate cabinet doors in horizontal grain direction

Kitchen featuring Etobicoke LK55 textured laminate.

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