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We have selected Tafisa Canada as a preferred material supplier on our mission to grow and modernize our product offering. It makes sense to us to source from within North America. We think closer is better. Tafisa is an established and well respected producer based in Quebec. They are considered a world class manufacturer of wood products and laminated boards. Our research has led us to believe that Tafisa produces some of the best laminated sheet products available today. We are using Tafisa materials to fabricate our new [available May 2022] cabinet door, the Gamma slim shaker [link]. After spending considerable time researching supplier options, we have decided to share some of what led us to choose Tafisa. We hope this knowledge is useful and evidences our commitment to making the best products possible.

Tafisa Factory

Get an overview of Tafisa's Quebec factory.

Karisma Product Showcased

Learn about Karisma and see available colours.

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