Dovetail Drawers - How it's Made

Videos of processes making dovetail drawers.

Learn about many of the steps involved in making wood dovetail drawers at Allstyle.

Take a Two Minute Plant Tour

Get a general sense of what Allstyle's Mississauga factory looks like.

Grooving a Dovetail Drawer Side For a Bottom

Machining the groove into a solid maple dovetail drawer side to accept the drawer bottom. The caliper is used to double check the distance of the bottom of the drawer groove to the drawer bottom to ensure there is room for the under-mount drawer slide hardware. Each of the four drawer sides is grooved.

Glueing Dovetail Joints

Applying glue to the dovetail joints prior to assembling a maple dovetail drawer. The dovetail joint is so mechanically strong that in theory it does not need glue to hold together in use. Allstyle glues it to ensure it is double strong.

Notch and Drilling of Dovetail Drawers

Notching and drilling the back of a Eucalyptus dovetail drawer to accept Blum under mount slide hardware. Our notch and drill machine ensures a level slot and an exact hole position to ensure that the slide pin fits in perfectly every time.

Sanding Edges Multi-ply Dovetail Drawer

Sanding the edges - also called "breaking the edges" in our industry. This a birch multi-ply veneer dovetail drawer. The multi-ply is made from fifteen layers of wood veneer pressed with the grain perpendicular in each layer. The result is a very strong and stable drawer side that is visually interesting. The alternating layers of light and dark veneers accent the edges and the dovetail joints. These drawers will be finished with two coats of protective clear lacquer.

Stretch Wrapping Dovetail Drawers to Ship

Organizing an order of dovetail drawers on a shipping pallet. The stretch wrap holds the drawers tightly together and protects them from dust and dirt. This is going to be picked up by a local cabinet shop in their truck. A palletized order can be loaded by a fork truck very quickly. If drawers are shipping by a third party they require further packaging and protection.

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