Booth Ready MDF Doors

Save time with our "booth ready" MDF doors. Our pre-prime service is available for all of our one piece MDF door designs.


We offer our MDF doors already primed to make your life easier. You can reduce painting department bottlenecks. Save space because you don't have parts taking up rack space as they dry. Reduce mess because sanding creates dust and our booth ready doors require almost no additional prep. Turn you jobs over quicker in the shop. Priming doors is usually a multi-day process. When your doors come in pre-primed the job can be turned around 50% to 70% faster. Any issues with machining, tool paths, fuzzing or tearout have already been solved by us.

What customers are saying about our "booth ready" doors.

"Thank you Allstyle! You have solved a major headache for me. Now I can spend my time designing and selling instead of priming."

"My painter is not the most dependable guy but when he shows up he is good. Since I started buying the pre-primed MDF his time is put to much better use. I think he is happier too!"

"Your booth ready MDF doors are awesome! It is now much easier to schedule and plan our jobs through our paint booth. We are saving a lot of time!"

"It is hard to find good preppers and painters when we get busy. Now I worry much less because your primed MDF doors fly through our paint booth and I don't have to hire more people."

Our Booth Ready Process

Step Process
1 We ease any sharp edges and then hand sand the raw MDF with 150 grit paper.
2 A first coat of professional quality primer is sprayed.
3 We denib the first coat of primer with 320 grit paper.
4 A second coat of professional quality primer is sprayed.

Your painter will only need to do a quick scuff with 320 paper to remove fingerprints and handling imperfections.

Paint Compatibility - Solvent vs. Waterbased

We polled our commercial customers prior to launching our pre-prime program and learned that the majority are using solvent based paints. Therefore our pre-primed doors are specifically designed to be compatible with solvent based paint. We will be offering waterbased primer in the future.

LRV Explained

LRV example on a paint card

LRV is "Light Reflection Value". It refers to the lightness or darkness of paint colour. The higher the LRV number, the more light is reflected and the lighter the colour will appear. The highest reflectance value is LRV:100 representing pure white. The lowest value is LRV:0 representing pure black. All paint companies use the LRV scale. Find the LRV value of your topcoat to select a suitable primer tint.

Tinted Primer Colour Options

three colors of primer tint

For best results, we recommend using a tinted primer under darker toned paint colours. It is not important for the primer colour to match the top coat exactly. It is important that the tones are similar.

Option Code Description LRV Range
PW Primer White (standard) 100-55
PM Primer Medium Gray 55-25
PD Primer Dark Gray 25-0

Pictures of Booth Ready MDF

Booth Ready Doors

Booth ready pre-primed doors ready for the paint booth

Beverly cabinet door in MDF

Primed front of booth ready door

Burnford cabinet door in MDF

Front corner detail of booth ready door

If you would like a sample please request using our online request form.