Cabinet Doors with Applied Mouldings

Allstyle is unique in that we produce all of our applied mouldings in house. We do this to ensure that the wood used to make the mouldings comes from the same source as the wood used to make the doors. In this way we can produce the most uniform product possible for color and grain. This also allows us to offer the applied mouldings in virtually any wood species that we offer our doors.

When we manufacture a door for applied mouldings we manage the tolerances of both the moulding and the door face to ensure the best fit possible. Since we maintain complete quality control over of all components of the door we can produce a premium quality door unmatched by others.

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Doors with applied mouldings

These are doors with applied moulding. The moulding is made separate from the door then “applied” - glued to the door face to add depth, texture and detail. Doors with applied Mouldings are considered traditional. They are more work and cost more but the result can be stunning. Allstyle makes nearly all of our applied Mouldings in house often from the same batch of lumber as the doors for an ideal match of colour and grain.