Pillasters are decorative filler pieces often used to span spaces too small for a door. They are often used as elements of design. They can be any thickness but are usually the same thickness as the cabinet doors.

Allstyle manufactures our pillasters from solid wood ... the same wood from which your door order is made. This solves problems during finishing as the pillasters will match the doors in grain and color. Pillasters purchased from another source or made at a different time can create color challenges in the final project.

Our pillasters are custom made to any width required with offsets to accomodate your design. These are not made on a CNC which often leaves bit "chatter" in the grooves. We set up and machine each groove with special custom cutters using a special process resulting from several years of trial. We've got it mastered and now we are able to offer a premium quality pillaster.

We recommend using flutes in "odd numbers" typically 3 or 5. We adjust spacing for the best appearance. Narrow columns may only permit two flutes and that is acceptable.

Grooves are sometimes called flutes. It is the same thing. There are two common flute patterns; flat and pyramid. The pyramids use an end reference then the flutes are pulled back to result in a 45 degree angle. If you require otherwise we can accomodate.

To order pillasters provide a simple sketch and include dimensions for the variables illustrated below.

Pillasters are not available in MDF.

Pillaster Specification

Pillaster three Flute Flat
Descriptive Terms

Flat End Designs

Pillaster two flute flat
Two Flute
Pillaster three flute flat
Three Flute
Pillaster three flute flat V2
Three Flute V2
Pillaster four flute flat
Four Flute

Pyramid Designs

Pillaster 3 Flute pyramid
Three Flute